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Super Mario Odyssey : Possession Cap by Kyon000 Super Mario Odyssey : Possession Cap :iconkyon000:Kyon000 127 36 Swapping with Emma! (Ft: Pajamas) by Kyon000 Swapping with Emma! (Ft: Pajamas) :iconkyon000:Kyon000 28 7 Body stealer series #18 : Mii Gunner by Kyon000 Body stealer series #18 : Mii Gunner :iconkyon000:Kyon000 60 8 Quick Doodle : Ashley possession by Kyon000 Quick Doodle : Ashley possession :iconkyon000:Kyon000 38 14 Body Swap : Coco-san and Ashley! by Kyon000 Body Swap : Coco-san and Ashley! :iconkyon000:Kyon000 28 5 Fan works : Coco-san by Kyon000 Fan works : Coco-san :iconkyon000:Kyon000 16 3 Body Stealer series #17 : Chun-Li by Kyon000
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Body Stealer series #17 : Chun-Li :iconkyon000:Kyon000 67 10
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Switch Helmets : Tatsumaki and Robert (O.C) :iconkyon000:Kyon000 40 20
Warioware : Ashley and Wario switch bodies by Kyon000 Warioware : Ashley and Wario switch bodies :iconkyon000:Kyon000 44 14 Body Stealer series #16 : Juvia lockser (Request) by Kyon000
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Body Stealer series #16 : Juvia lockser (Request) :iconkyon000:Kyon000 40 5
Body Stealer series #15 : Wonder Woman by Kyon000
Mature content
Body Stealer series #15 : Wonder Woman :iconkyon000:Kyon000 79 3
Welcome to my art gallery! Just call me Kyon. Here I upload any art I feel like, if you like anything don't forget to comment and leave a favorite.


Finally a beneficial power 7u7 by Richy46 Finally a beneficial power 7u7 :iconrichy46:Richy46 117 15 Ashley by Geeyolo Ashley :icongeeyolo:Geeyolo 22 0 April Turnover - Myself/Wii-Fit Trainer Body Swap by LadySwap April Turnover - Myself/Wii-Fit Trainer Body Swap :iconladyswap:LadySwap 224 23 Ashley by Doctor-G Ashley :icondoctor-g:Doctor-G 56 9 Ashley (4/1) by elisheee Ashley (4/1) :iconelisheee:elisheee 3 0
Request 1: The Red mask and The metal Ring
In a dimension away from ours lives a mad man called The Devil of Lunar City who is currently pondering whether or not these rumors of a hunter who killed Dracula son and stole his dimension train are true or not. If these rumors are true he might be in danger of a hunter entering his dimension. In order to find out if these rumors are true he must enter the human dimension once again. The Devil sat on the ground and sent out his mask to enter the human dimension.
Once The Devil enter the human dimension it sense a powerful person named Ashley close to him. Her power might be useful for him. The mask sneak up on her and possessed her. But at the the same time he did a ring user called Jack with the power of possession was wandering the street and decided to possessed Ashley the same time The Devil did. Once the possession was done The Devil started laughing and saying with the possessed person voice "Haha with this power I ca-" but stopped once Jack started talking "Hey buddy I was her
:iconrickterscyth:Rickterscyth 2 6
My Only Friend by GentleSpin My Only Friend :icongentlespin:GentleSpin 17 3 DragonBall Z rocks X3 by Vertical-Misfit
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Stuff I like. (Well duh, lol.)



Kyon000's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist
Hey, and welcome to my profile!

I am Kyon000, but you can call me Con if you'd like. I'm a body swap artist, and possession if I feel like it.

I really enjoy drawing Body swapping, I take suggestions and requests, however Requests could take awhile to do. If you want to request please read the rules of requests here --->

I'm open to collaborations and other things, so send me a note! I'm also open to Role Playing, anything with Body swapping, possession and TG are fine by me!

If you'd like to talk with me, ask me about my Discord.

Requests, commissions - closed closed by Angi-Shy

So, here's a Q and A thingy ------------------

Q : Do you take requests
A : When I'm free to do it.

Q : Do you RP?
A : Yes, though only Body swapping, possession and maybe TG.

Q : Do you consider doing anything else other than Swap, possession and TG?
A : Maybe, I did do Mind Control once.

Q : Do you only do Anime/video game characters?
A : In most cases, yes. Con Life, could be with OC's though.


Been considering making a follow-up to the Ashley possession comic;

It cuts to what Mario has been doing with Ashley's body, such as jumping building to building, defeating enemies, helping people. Then near the end, Mario thanks Ashley for her body and jumps out, leaving Ashley confused and tired. Mario overused her body and now she's exhausted and get's angry with him as he leaps away to find a new body to help him on his quest. 

Sounds pretty good, huh? After that, I'll work on the usual things. 
Super Mario Odyssey : Possession Cap
I have returned with a brand new comic featuring this Art page's favorite witch, Ashley! 

This time her body is being used by Mario for his own needs by using his newest ability, possession. If you haven't heard the news already; the newest trailer for Mario Odyeesy dropped yesterday and it show cased possession, simply by throwing his hat on top of his target he can hope into their body and take control.

Using his hosts' body's powers. In this case, Mario needs some magic to get past an obstacle. So what better body to use than Ashley's? 


Thanks for viewing my newest piece, if you'd like to see some more Odyssey possession or drawing's in general, leave a comment and don't forget to favorite! Can't wait to read your comments, everyone! Mario's new body is just amazing, hehe. 
Super Mario Odyssey has possession! holy damn, Mario has the power to possess not only enemies but even humans! 

Imma make fan-art of this right now. 
Swapping with Emma! (Ft: Pajamas)
One day, Pajamas was hanging out around the city, he recently bought a little Relic for his friend's birthday, he had no idea what to get him and on such short notice no less. So he went into a pawnshop and bought the first thing he found. A small red amulet, looks pretty enough plus it didn't cost too much. 

Pajamas bought it and placed it in his pocket. He made his way back to his home to wrap it up. Though as he was walking back he spotted somebody very familiar. It was Emma, haven't seen her in awhile. He thought he'd go say hello. But Emma wasn't in the mood for talking. 

"Ehh...sorry, but I don't want to talk with you." she said, Pajamas felt insulted and tried to hold his anger in. Pajamas tried explaining himself but she wouldn't listen "I told you, leave me alone!" Emma was pretty mad and decided to shove Pj, but when he touched him the amulet acted and swapped their bodies right there and then. Pajamas felt the shift, both of them switched bodies. Pajamas looked down to be greeted to very large breasts on his chest, they were pretty heavy as he never had to deal with big boobs on there before. 

Emma was freaking out, wondering why she was in his body "What did you do to me?!" she shouted, she looked at her own body fondling her own breasts "STOP THAT!" she demanded. Pajamas listened and they had a little talk, after awhile they reached an agreement and went their own ways for now. Pajamas got to live the life of Emma, with each step his breasts bounced, it was getting annoying but it felt good at the same time, wearing such a tight shirt with his new female body sticking out. 

Pajamas looked in Emma's wallet, she had a lot of cash and cards on her. She wouldn't mind if he bought a better gift, plus maybe something for himself. After a few hours he got back to Emma's house, his new home! it was pretty big, way bigger than his. Made him wonder how Emma felt with living at his home. He walked around and went to Emma's room. 

Pretty big, roomy and had a lot of things like some game consoles, a huge TV, etc. He noted that her home had a swimming pool, that could be fun. He looked around Emma's closet and other belongings and found a cute swimsuit. Maybe he'll go swimming after all, Emma wouldn't know anyways. Pajamas checked out the bag of goodies he just bought, one of them was a pink ninja outfit fit to his new figure. He took off Emma's orange shirt revealing her bra. Pajamas blushed at the sight, something he never thought he'd see. 
He then took off her pants and before he knew it he was only wearing her underwear. Pj looked into the mirror and took a long look. He placed his hands on them and fondled them a little more. He was wearing pink panties with matching bra. It was time to take them off. 

After he stripped out of her underwear he slipped the Ninja suit on. It was very tight, especially on his breasts. He looked into the mirror and started posing, he used Emma's phone to take some photos to which he'll share to himself when they find out how to swap back.

He pressed his boobs against the glass and started to do other things. 


Meanwhile, Emma was stuck with Pj's home, it wasn't bad but she thought it was as she grew up with deluxe homes. "W-where? I sleep here?!" she thought. She walked in, seeing pj's family doing their normal things. She walked past them all trying to avoid contact and shut the door. She flopped on the bed, not believing the day she's having. She started out as herself and she's ending the day as somebody different. She could only imagine what he's doing with her body!

She couldn't stop thinking, what if he embarrassed her in front of everybody, would if he's playing with himself using her body. So much things went through her head. She sighed and needed something to take her mind off stuff. She looked down to her pants. 

"W-wait a minute..." she thought, her eyes widened and slowly lifted up her pants, she blushed and screamed softly.

"M-maybe later..." she said quietly.    


Hey, guys! Sorry for the long wait. Here's another body swap with Emma featuring Pj. i had this drawing done for awhile now but now I'm finally uploading it. Hope you enjoyed the story that went along with it, I'll consider making a second part if you guys want! Thanks for viewing! 
Body stealer series #18 : Mii Gunner
Back again, with another body steal series drawing! I told ya I'd come through. Kind of a strange one, it's the Mii Gunner from Smash Bros/Mii maker. Yeah, swapping bodies with a Mii? I think that is a first, so for this drawing I used Con's Mii form.

Fun Fact : I based Con on my Mii way back when. Another Fun Fact; Did you know Con started out as female, but since the drawing of "her" looked male he eventually became the Con we all know and love. 


Looks like Con thought being a gunner would be fun, so he asked to borrow Mii Gunners gun, however she refused to since she didn't know Con at all, so instead of borrowing her gun, he just borrowed her body. Hope you learned your lesson, if Con asks for something you give it to him or he's just going to switch bodies and claim your stuff his because he has your body, just like with Ashley's stuff.

Looks like Con is going to have a little fun with her guns, if you know what I mean! ha. Hope you enjoyed this one, leave suggestions for the next body stealer series and I'll consider em'. 

See you in the next drawing. 


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