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Welcome to my art gallery! Just call me Kyon. Here I upload any art I feel like, if you like anything don't forget to comment and leave a favorite.


Request 1: The Red mask and The metal Ring
In a dimension away from ours lives a mad man called The Devil of Lunar City who is currently pondering whether or not these rumors of a hunter who killed Dracula son and stole his dimension train are true or not. If these rumors are true he might be in danger of a hunter entering his dimension. In order to find out if these rumors are true he must enter the human dimension once again. The Devil sat on the ground and sent out his mask to enter the human dimension.
Once The Devil enter the human dimension it sense a powerful person named Ashley close to him. Her power might be useful for him. The mask sneak up on her and possessed her. But at the the same time he did a ring user called Jack with the power of possession was wandering the street and decided to possessed Ashley the same time The Devil did. Once the possession was done The Devil started laughing and saying with the possessed person voice "Haha with this power I ca-" but stopped once Jack started talking "Hey buddy I was her
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Stuff I like. (Well duh, lol.)



Kyon000's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist
Hey, and welcome to my profile!

I am Kyon000, but you can call me Con if you'd like. I'm a body swap artist, and possession if I feel like it.

I really enjoy drawing Body swapping, I take suggestions and requests, however Requests could take awhile to do. If you want to request please read the rules of requests here --->

I'm open to collaborations and other things, so send me a note! I'm also open to Role Playing, anything with Body swapping, possession and TG are fine by me!

Requests, commissions - closed closed by Angi-Shy

So, here's a Q and A thingy ------------------

Q : Do you take requests
A : When I'm free to do it.

Q : Do you RP?
A : Yes, though only Body swapping, possession and maybe TG.

Q : Do you consider doing anything else other than Swap, possession and TG?
A : Maybe, I did do Mind Control once.

Q : Do you only do Anime/video game characters?
A : In most cases, yes. Con Life, could be with OC's though.


So, now that I actually have free time I'll be working on a Body Stealer series featuring Chun-li! 

Will she be body swapped, possession, TG?! who knows! lol/ 
And for the people I RP with, sorry for being gone! I'll bring back our RP's later tonight~ hopefully, heh. 
New Character to Con Life : Sophia ((TG Ring))
I was drawing my friend's O.C and I thought I'd make my own new character, to go along with Con Life. I haven't based her off on anything, just what came to the top of my head. She's 19 years old, a year older than Katelyn ((Who will get a redesign soon.)) 

She's generally a sweet person, though she can be quite serious at times. She's smart, kind but can get pretty angry too. She's usually outgoing and pretty open minded. She was sort of a bully when she was smaller, though in recent years she started to see the errors of her ways so she tries to be nice, hence getting angry at times. 

She likes to hangout with her friends at places, though she does like her share fair of staying home and doing what she likes. 

Like Con, Jack and many others, she also possesses a ring of some sorts, this power of her allows her to transform into different people by scanning them, or the poor way is by thinking about them, though it isn't always 100%. If she wants to fully look like somebody she'll have to see them in person and scan them with her ring ((Scanning isn't visible to anybody but the wearer of the ring.)) 


Her relationships with other characters

Con - Good Friends ((Sophia noticed Con's ring and befriended him, after a week Con finally trusted her and told her his power, after that Sophia loves swapping bodies with Con, she thinks it's different and fun being a guy.)

Jack - Former boyfriend  ((Jack has been gone way too long, he's possessing all sorts of girls, Sophia didn't like how he was ignoring her so they broke up, she also didn't like how he kept trying to possess her to get more personal))

Katelyn - Friend of a friend. ((Katelyn is alright with her hanging around Con, but the fact that Sophia transforms into her and kinda mocks her at times isn't amusing to her.))

Hal - No relationship ((They don't know each other.)) 

Mark - He doesn't exist in Con's universe 

Carly - No relationship ((They've seen each other around but that's about it.)) 


By default her ring is the strongest, she isn't effected by anyone else's ring ((As far as we know, there is probably much stronger ring users out there.)) Though they still have their pros and cons, like every other ring. 

- pros -

~ able to resist body swaps and possession ((and other rings that aren't stronger than hers.)) 
~ She can transform into anybody ((minus animals, objects, etc.))
~ Sophia is able to put on shows, for her own selfish wants. ((E.g taking forms of famous people and using them for money.))

- Cons -

~ Scanner only holds up the last 10 people she transformed into ((if she wants to turn into the 11th, 12th, etc, she'll have to see them again and scan em.))
~ No abilities  ((For E.g if she transforms into Ashley, she doesn't get her powers. She only copies their look, not there strength, knowledge, etc.))


Sophia is starting to like Con, his funny remarks, personality and overall kind of person he is Sophia is growing attached to him. One of these days she might ask him out. For now, she can only take the forms of other people and get little info about the kind of girls he's into. She used Katelyn's form to ask him some questions, such as what he likes, dislikes, etc.

She'll even transform into people Con likes, even putting on a show for him. 

Seriously, who's the owner of these rings? A little info, but the owner mistakenly dropped the rings into the city Con lives in. People like Con and Jack use it for fun, some others use it for good and to help.

Though there's some of those bad people who use them for crimes or generally bad things

---- Some other unseen rings ---

Strong ring - Gives super strength

invisible ring - Gives user invisibility

Golden Body Swap ring - Like Con's, though stronger.

Reverse Ring - Reverse the effects of almost any Ring! 

Copy Ring - Can copy the abilities of other rings, one power at a time!


There's still many more rings out there being used by others, or ones yet to be found. I hope you enjoyed some of the info and our newest character to Con Life. Basically she has the TG ring, haha. I'll see you all later!   
Doopliss TG : Ashley
Yes, yet another Ashley TG though I drew this on a whim and finished it. Sorry if the increase of Ashley art is getting boring, this will be my last one for awhile. I'll probably draw more Ashley Swap/possession/tg art that will be uploaded to my Discord first and Devart later on.

Like I said, I haven't felt like drawing, so I've been drawing doodles and all that stuff to get me back in the mood to draw. So I was talking to my friend about Paper Mario and I remembered the character Doopliss, who can transform and steal people's form, and turn the other person into a shadow.
So I thought I'd draw it with Ashley. Doopliss wants Ashley's body so he can claim all of her stuff for his own. With her form, he transformed the real Ashley into a shadow so she cannot do nothing against him. In order for Ashley to get her form back, she'll have to guess his name! 

((Here's a mini story in case you wanna know more, it isn't required for the drawing.)) 


Ashley was taking her midnight stroll, she wanted to get out of the house every now and then, she usually takes the same path but tonight she went off the trail just out of curiosity. While Ashley was walking, Doopliss spotted Ashley. He knows her, she lives in a mansion, is respected and feared across the city. 

Doopliss would like to have all that, so he thought he would take it by force. While Ashley was off her guard Doopliss jumped out of the bushes

"Well, well, well! why isn't it the cruelest girl I'll ever meet." Doopliss said, standing in front of Ashley. 

"And who might you be?" Ashley replied, barely even flinching from the surprise jump from Doopliss.

"My dear, who I am isn't important. What is though, is what you have, and I want it." He replied. 

Ashley tilted her head in confusion "Listen, get out of my way or I'll be more than happy to turn you into my next meal. Go ahead, try me." She said. 

Doopliss laughed "You asked for it." His eyes flashed, after that something scanned Ashley, she flinched, not knowing what has just happened. 

"W-what did you do to me?!" She shouted. Doopliss then turned into an evil shadow clone of Ashley. 

"What did I do?" Doopliss said, now sounding like Ashley. "I stole your powers." he replied. 

"M-my powers?!" She said in shock. She tried using a spell, but to no avail. Ashley was getting angry, but her hair wasn't turning white. "You better return my powers, or I'll--" 

Doopliss rushed in, using Ashley's own spells against her, Ashley fell to the ground, hurt from her own spells. Ashley was unable to fight, she has taken too much damage. She was basically fighting herself, but without her own magic to back her up. Ashley noticed she was fading, her form was being transferred to Doopliss, right before her eyes, Doopliss was becoming her. 

"Ahhh...much better..." Ashley? said. 

"??!?!?!??!?!?" Shadow Ashley tried shouting, but nothing came out. 

Doopliss walked towards the shadow, grinning "Thanks for the new life, Ashley, or should I say no name." he laughed. 

Ashley couldn't say anything at all, she tried fighting back but she couldn't do any damage to Doopliss 

"Nice try, No name." Doopliss smirked. "But you can't hurt me, for I am the greatest witch that has ever lived." he mocked. "With this form, I'll now be respected around this city. And the Mansion is an added bonus." Doopliss laughed, as he walked to his new life as Ashley. 

Leaving Ashley trapped in the woods. 


With the help of Red, Ashley will get her form back, but it'll be awhile! Red noticed Ashley was acting strange, for one, she was admiring "herself" in the mirror for quite some time, and dressed poorly, and overall wasn't acting like Ashley much. 

Red found the real Ashley, so now it's up to them to get her body back! 

Haha, I hope you enjoyed the mini story if you decided to read it. I'll try to draw some more characters later, I enjoyed this one a lot and is my second TG, I believe. Aside from Mario Maker, correct me if I'm wrong, lol. 

Thanks for viewing, I'll see you all later. ((FYI, that Ninja Ashley was drawn on Discord, found a way to upload it here! lol.))
I wonder if anybody would take requests for an Ashley possession story. 
So, I've never actually been tagged in this kinda stuff, so this should be interesting to say the least. Now, let's see here.

Tagged by :iconyougotbloodonmysuit:

Name : Conrad 

Starsign : Not really sure what this means, have to skip. 

Average Hours of Sleep: Uhhh, let me see here, I guess I get 5 to 10 hours of sleep. You see, it could be very little sleep or too much sleep with me, heh.

Lucky Number : Lucky number 1 

Last Thing I Googled : "Ashley Warioware" ((Why? to see if there was anything new regarding her.))

When I Started This Account : I think about 5 years ago, I forgot the password to my old account so just made a new one. 

Amount of Watchers: 253, thank you everybody! 

What Do I Post : The usually Body swap, when a male and a female swap bodies somehow and the guy get's to fool around, such as playing with her boobs, trying out clothes, etc. Some Possession, TG and one mind control as well. I actually like Possession more than body swapping. 

Do I Run Anymore Blogs : ThAshleyChannel ((Tumblr)) but don't expect more body swapping, it's just a news channel.

Why Did I Choose This Username : When I was ten years old I made my first ever YouTube account, I tried using MarioMario9898 but it was already taken, so I used the next character I liked a lot at the time, Kyon, so I started out as kyon9898 and it carried on for most other websites until recently when I officially became ThAshleyChannel  

That's it for me, I dunno who else to tag...Uhhh.

:iconbluejackg: :iconkeyblade-11: :iconsephy90: 


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